Meat you at the grill!

A practical guide to Tsiknopempti

It goes by many names in English. BBQ Thursday, Smoky Thursday, Smelly Thursday… but most locals know it as it is meant to be known: Tsiknopempti. Perhaps Cyprus’s favorite holiday, Tsiknopempti signals the start of the last weekend that observant Greek Orthodox individuals are permitted to eat meat before fasting for Lent. So naturally, it’s time to go all out!

On this day, the smells of lit charcoal and souvla will hit you island-wide, wherever you may be, and to join in, all you need to do is embrace your inner foodie, and get ready for the cook off of a lifetime. Preparations start early in the morning, with all necessary food, equipment and accessories laid out with care. To do it like a pro though, make sure you read through our practical guide to this year’s festivities:

BBQ & grilling accessories

When it comes to your BBQ, there are many options to choose from. While some prefer charcoal, others swear by gas grills and others like the practical electric option. While they all have their own cooking and grilling benefits, everyone agrees that a BBQ of any kind is a must-have for Tsiknopempti (and beyond)!

You can’t be a true grill master though, without equipping yourself with all the necessary accessories. Make sure you’ve got the right skewers, grills, charcoals, fire starters, motors, gas regulators and any other tools, utensils and cookware you may need.

Foldable chairs and tables

Tsiknopempti gatherings are typically enjoyed outdoors, near the grill and all the delicious barbequing action. Make sure everyone is comfortable with foldable picnic tables and chairs,  available in various sizes and shapes, at a Superhome Center near you.

Thermal Food Containers and Picnic Tableware

No outdoor feast is complete without good insulated food storage solutions like hot pots, food jars and thermal containers that will keep that perfectly cooked meat, at perfect serving temperature, all day long. And when it comes to tucking into the long-awaited meal, remember that quality picnic tableware and food trays will make both serving up and cleaning up, much easier. Any leftovers can also be kept in airtight containers in the fridge and enjoyed the day after.

Extra cool tip: To keep the fun going… without a lot of coming and going, keep your beverages as close to you as you can, with a cool box or bag, filled with ice, freeze packs and your favourite cool refreshments. 

Time to eat!

Our guide wouldn’t be complete without stating the obvious. To enjoy a perfectly cooked meal, make sure you make a list with everything you need foodwise as well, including various meats, salads, dips, spices, seasonings and drinks, so you can get all your shopping sorted before the party begins!

Happy Tsiknopempti to all!