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Silicone Acrylic Waterbased Primer
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•VIVECRYL PRIMER is a silicone micronized acrylic water based primer for the exterior walls and roofs. •Waterproofs the surface, having at the same time high water vapour permeability. •It substantially contributes to the limitation of efflorescence (salts transferred from the inside of the wall to the surface of the final coat) and to the restriction of water rising dampness in the wall. •It has strong adhesion, high penetration and great durability to the alkaline surfaces.
Brand Vivechrom
Barcode 5202565140466
SupplierItemNumber 5175080
Capacity 5LT
Surface Finish MATT
VOC Desccription Low
Suitable for Outdoor
Coverage m² 14m²
Drying Time 1hr
Water Or Solvent Base WATER BASED
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