Item No: 0228437
Set of non-stick cookware, 17 pieces, of the Gourmet Line series. Made of stainless steel with 5 layers of induction for maximum thermal conductivity, 35% reduced energy consumption, uniform heat distribution and stronger resistance to extreme temperatures.
They have an internal measuring scale and are suitable for all types of hobs, while they are easy to wash in the dishwasher.
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The set includes:
1 Pot with glass lid: 24x14.5cm - 6.5lt
1 Pot with glass lid: 20x12.5cm - 3.9lt 
1 Pot with glass lid: 18x11.5 cm - 2.5lt 
1 Pan with glass lid: 24x7.5cm
1 saucepan with glass lid: 16x10.5 cm - 2.1lt
1 set of kitchen tools 7 pieces made of stainless steel 
1 base
Brand Blaumann
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