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Xiaomi Mi Electric Shaver S500 brings:
- Comfortable dry and wet shaving
- 3 shaving heads
- Surface PPG for greater comfort when held in the hand
- Water resistant IPX7
- 360° floating shaving system, blade with double ring
- High quality steelJFE a SANDVIK
- Fast charging and long life
- LED digital display
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Goodbye stubble
The machine can handle fine mustaches thanks to the added 0.08 mm razor located on the outer ring of the main razor. The added razor lifts the mustache and it is then cut off by the main razor. The Japanese MABUCHI MOTOR 260 engine is a great weapon in the fight against strong mustaches. In the case of thick and strong beards, it is enough to switch to an accelerator, which can increase the power and shaving speed up to 3.9 m/s.

Meets your criteria
The basic requirement of a good electric shaver is a comfortable shave. This improved version gives you a more comfortable, intelligent and faster shave thanks to the PPG surface, which leaves no imprints on the stand and is pleasant when holding the stand in your hand. The 360° floating shaving system will provide the perfect shave for everyone, as it can maximally adapt to the shape of your face. In addition, the waterproof design according to the IPX7 standard enables dry shaving even with shaving foam and direct rinsing of the shaver with water.

All month without charging
One-hour charging should give you up to 60 shaving times , about 30 shaving. If you are in a hurry and the machine is completely discharged, it is enough to charge it for 5 minutes to use it. Charging is via USB cable.
Brand Xiaomi
Barcode 6934177717185
SupplierItemNumber NUN4131GL
Corded or Cordless Cordless
Charge Duration 2 hours at 100%, 5 minutes for single use
Material PPG Surface, blades made of high quality waterproof, washable
Color Black
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