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•A sonic brush is one type of electric brush. 
•For its operation, it uses vibrations and audible sound waves , which allow very thorough cleaning of the teeth and the space between them. 
•The sonic brush uses sweeping-pulsating movement , making it very gentle on the gums and more sensitive teeth. •This is an electric toothbrush that has the option of speed regulation . 
•It is a solution that allows you to adjust the pace of device operation to your needs. 
•The electric toothbrush with adjustable speed works even with sensitive teeth and gums - the ability to set slower revolutions will ensure a softer operation of the device. 
•This model of the electric toothbrush is equipped with two brushes for brushing teeth . 
•If necessary, further tips and accessories can be purchased separately. 
•An electric brush with two tips will be suitable for both a single user and two people - then remember to use a separate tip for each. 
•The brush has been equipped with a teeth cleaning indicator. •This is a very useful function for both children and adult users - it allows even more thorough cleaning of the teeth . •The indicator will help you know if your teeth are brushed long enough. 
•The brush is powered by a battery, thanks to which it is fully wireless and comfortable to use . 
•The built-in high capacity battery ensures long life and free use of the device. 
•When the battery is empty, just connect the brush to the charger.

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