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Item No: 0228573
Enjoy the wonderful taste and aroma of fresh coffee beans at the ideal temperature, thanks to the smart brewing system. With the classic accessory for frothed milk, you can easily make cappuccino and make macchiato. 
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Wonderful frothed milk thanks to the classic accessory
The classic foam milk accessory disperses the steam, allowing you to prepare smooth foam milk for your cappuccino. Also, as it has only two components, it is very easy to wash.
Easy coffee selection with smart touch screen
The irresistible taste and aroma of fresh coffee beans is just a touch away. The smart touch screen allows you to easily select your favorite coffee.
Adjust the aroma intensity and quantity with the My Coffee Choice menu
Adjust the aroma intensity and quantity with the My Coffee Choice menu
Adjust the intensity and quantity of your drink with the My Coffee Choice menu. Easily choose from three different settings according to your preferences.
Easy to adapt to your tastes with 12 levels of grinder
Durable ceramic mills can be customized in 12 steps so you can turn the grain into whatever you want, from ultra-fine powder to chunks.
The ideal temperature, aroma and cream in each cup *
The Aroma Extract system intelligently achieves the perfect balance between the extraction temperature and the aroma extraction, maintaining the water temperature between 90 and 98 ° C, while adjusting the water flow rate to enjoy great coffees.
20,000 cups of the finest coffee with durable ceramic mills
Our mills are 100% ceramic: extremely hard and precise, so you can enjoy fresh aromatic coffee for at least 20,000 cups.
Keep the beans fresh for longer thanks to the aroma retaining cap
The new aroma preservation cap protects your favorite coffee beans and ensures that their original aroma is maintained for a long time, while also reducing the noise of the grinder.
Up to 5,000 * cups without desalination thanks to AquaClean
If you change the filter when the machine informs you, you will not need to desalinate for up to 5,000 * cups, while you will enjoy clean and filtered water.
Easy to clean thanks to the fully detachable manufacturing unit
The brewing unit is the heart of any fully automatic coffee machine and should be cleaned regularly. The detachable brewing unit allows you to clean it thoroughly by simply rinsing it with tap water.
Automatic desalination for comfort
You can easily clean and maintain the coffee machine with the automatic program, which notifies you when you need to desalinate. You can adjust the frequency of this process depending on the hardness of the water in the house.
Dishwasher safe parts for comfort
For your convenience, you can place the milk system, the liquid tray and the ground coffee pot in the dishwasher. This saves time and ensures a healthy cleaning.
Brand Philips
Barcode 8710103877448
SupplierItemNumber EP2221/40
Weight 7,5kg
Category Small Appliances
Power 1500W
Cable Length 1m
Color Black
Tank Capacity 1.8Ltr
Pressure 15Bar
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Dimensions 246x371x433mm
Original Price 0
On Offer No
Home App Type Espresso Cappuccino Maker