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Item No: 0224064
•HG Descaler for espresso and pod coffee machines is an espresso machine descaler that removes scale from all types of espresso and pod-coffee machines
•Manufacturers recommend descaling on the basis of lactic acid or citric acid, HG has both
•This espresso machine descaler works safely and quickly; it is odourless and fully biodegradable
•Our espresso machine descaler based on citric acid is enough for descaling 6 times
•Pour 75ml of into the water reservoir and top it up to 750ml water. Leave this solution to work for 10 minutes. Switch the machine on and let half of the espresso machine descaler run through
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HG Descaler for Espresso and Pod Coffee Machines is a specially developed descaler coffee machine product which effectively cleans any pod coffee machine. Also works as a descaler espresso machine cleaning product. It removes the scale with a citric acid based formula, which is odourless and fully biodegradable. With this cleaning product coffee tastes great, the machine retains its speed and extends its lifetime. Sufficient for 6 treatments.
Brand HG
Barcode 8711577056070
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Category Small Appliances
Capacity 500ml
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