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Item No: 0125156
The fischer cavity metal anchor HM-H is a versatile cavity fixing with an angle hook for all panel building materials. The fixing is set with the fischer installation pliers HM-Z 1 in the pre-positioned installation. The fixing is pulled in the cavity against the board building material with the pliers. In this case, the expanding arms swing open and press onto the reverse side of the board. As an alternative, it is also possible to assemble manually. The cavity metal anchor HM-H is suitable for fixing lights, pictures, and lightweight wall shelves in internal areas.
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•Complete with angle hook. •Flexible during installation: Screw can be loosened and tightened again. •No over-rotation: The claw on the rim of the plug holds the plug in the panel building material. •Holds heavy objects in panel building materials thanks to the large contact area of the expanding arms. •Suitable for pre-positioned installation.
Brand Fischer
Barcode 4006209909256
SupplierItemNumber 90925
Category Plasterboard Plugs
Package Quantity 4pcs
Material Metal
Drill Hole Diameter 5mm
Anchor Length 37mm
Dowels for Plasterboard, plaster fiberboard, chipboard, hollow walls, hollow ceilings and sheet material with a thickness of 6 - 15 mm.
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