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The TripleGrip® is one of the most technologically advanced anchor on the market. It is designed with two expandable wings that grip tightly behind the drywall for a maximum holding power. Its advanced cam action technology expands; thereby creating an additional pressure against the side walls of the drywall or masonry. This also provides more stability and strength. Two lateral wings hold the anchor in place, preventing any rotation while the screw is inserted. Available in #6, #8, #10 and #12.
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• Easy installation
• State-of-the-art anchor product
• Provides excellent holding power
• Can be used for all types of target materials Both gypsum board and concrete fixing anchors
• Two expandable wings secure the anchor on the back of the drywall
• Two wings extend to the side to fix the anchor to prevent rotation of the anchor
• Supplied in inch and millimeter display standards
• High fixing power High safety Convenient workability Shortening time Strong power High quality
Brand Cobra
Barcode 058060777547
SupplierItemNumber 172TE
Max Weight Loaded Wall 90Kg / Plasterboard 21Kg
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