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*Instructions for use:
• For planting, it is recommended to use a slightly larger pot than the existing one, opening several holes in the base, thus ensuring better drainage of water.
• Place a part of COMPO SANA citrus soil at the base of the pot
• Then carefully place the existing root with the gout soil, after removing the dead roots, without damaging the root system.
• Finally, fill the rest of the pot with COMPO SANA topsoil and water the plant.
** Storage instructions:
• It is recommended to store at low temperatures and in a dry place
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• It is a high quality topsoil that ideally meets the high requirements of citrus • The proportion of nutrients it contains, ensures flowering and fruiting. • Clay improves water content and nutrient storage in the soil, while HYDRO-KICK acts as a wetting agent and increases the water capacity of the substrate • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001
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