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Item No: 0205134
*Instructions for use:
• Carefully remove the plant - with the help of gardening gloves - from the pot.
• Then remove the old soil and cut the problematic, large roots with scissors and spray them with a little water.
• In the new, larger pot, place the soil first and then center the plant.
• Then fill the pot with soil so that it completely covers the root system
** Storage instructions:
• It is recommended to store at low temperatures and in a dry place 
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• High quality topsoil suitable for water-storing plants such as cacti. • Contains quartz sand that helps in optimal drainage. This reduces the risk of excessive moisture and increases the stability of the plant. • Provides ideal ventilation and drainage preventing suffocation conditions at the root with the help of AGROSIL. AGROSIL helps in the uniform distribution of nutrients by providing the ideal conditions for the growth of the root system. • The combination of peat and soil conditioners ensures the harmonious growth of plants. • Contains nutrients and trace elements that ensure the nutrition and fertilization of the plant for a period of about 6 weeks. • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001
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