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Take care of one of the annoying insects with the Solar Insecticide or brighten up the space you want. The solar lamp has two settings. The first function of the device activates the blue led of the luminaire that attracts insects in order to touch the special grid that the luminaire possesses and to eliminate them. When the appliance is operated as a luminaire, the white LED of the luminaire is activated, which is indicated for the use of grooming in the surrounding area of ​​the home. It charges solely with solar power and is fully automated as it automatically switches on when daylight falls and when the sun comes out it stops charging and the batteries start charging. It frees you from annoying mosquitoes, flies or other insects for at least 8-10 hours of continuous running during the summer months and 5-7 hours during the winter months. It is 100% safe for humans and pets, it leaves no odor, while being environmentally friendly as it has no harmful substances unlike common insect repellents. Its ergonomic design enables you to place it in the garden with its special base, hang it on a tree from its metal base or even place it on a table as a simple lamp. A gadget, useful for any home and holiday home, perfect for sunny countries like Greece. Characteristics Black color Source: monocrystalline silicon solar panel + 3LPS LED It works with two NiMH 1.2V / 1200mAh AA rechargeable batteries that you can easily replace in the future. Charging time: 6 hours Operating time: 8 hours Waterproof rating: IP44
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