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Are you moving house or do you want to rearrange your room? Move your furniture without heavy lifting with this set of furniture rollers from Kinzo. You simply roll your furniture and appliances to their new place with this set. Together, the rollers have a bearing capacity of up to 600 kilos! Handy as a moving aid and when moving sofas, cabinets and heavy appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators.
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Easy to lift and move The 5-piece set consists of 1 furniture lifter and 4 furniture rollers. It works very simply. You put the furniture lifter under the piece of furniture or device, lift it easily thanks to the lever function and slide a roller under it. Repeat this until you have a roller on each side. Now all you have to do is push. Under each roller are 8 wheels that make it easier to move. On top of the rollers is a turntable that can rotate 360 ​​degrees for even more convenience. Up to 600 kilos These furniture rollers are very strong. Each roller can carry 150 kilos, so in total you come to a maximum weight of 600 kilos. This not only saves you a lot of effort and muscle strength, but also saves on complaints to your back and joints. Details Kinzo furniture roller set • 5-piece set: 1 furniture lifter, 4x furniture roller • Maximum 600 kilos (150 kilos per roller) • Each roller has 1 turntable and 8 small wheels
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