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The ultimate Car Care Kit for the car enthusiasts now comes with the Turtle Wax 20L Premium Bucket FREE!
The Turtle Wax Car Care Kit delivers four proven Turtle Wax products formulated to enhance your car’s looks and protect your investment.
Includes Turtle wax Streak Free Wash & Wax 1Ltr, Turtle Wax Hydrophobic Wax & Sealant 500ml , Turtle Wax Redline Wheel Cleaner 500ml, Turtle Wax Clearvue Glass Cleaner 500ml, 4 microfiber towels and a Jumbo Sponge.
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Streak Free Wash & Wax 1Ltr

Turtle Wax Streak Free Wash & Wax is one of Turtle Wax's most advanced car wash products. It contains added cationic rinse aid to actively repel water and speed up drying time. Its self-rinsing properties ensure no residual detergents are left on the paint surface to cause streaks.
Streak Free Wash & Wax contains active detergents which remove dirt, grime and traffic film, leaving a glossy finish.
Redline Wheel Cleaner 500ml
If you’ve ever scrubbed tyres and grimy, brake dust-covered wheels, you know what a tough job it is.
To make sure nobody ever needs to go through all that again, we developed this incredibly powerful, spray-and-rinse tyre and wheel restoration foam that does all the work for you.
Just spray on this rich, clinging alloy wheel cleaner and the heavy-duty cleaning power goes to work instantly, breaking up stubborn grime and brake dust on your tires, on wheel faces, in your wheel barrels and on your brake callipers.
Then, just rinse the foam and soils away for sparkling, like-new wheels and tyres.
The powerful formula requires agitation with a wheel brush in only a few really extreme cases of baked-on brake dust. Otherwise, just spray and rinse.
Hydrophobic Wax Sealant 500ml
Turtle Wax Sealant Hydrophobic Wax contains proprietary hydrophobic sealants infused with natural carnauba waxes to create levels of shine and surface slickness. It produces a mirror-like shine. It can be applied to all exterior surfaces, so there is no worry about over spray or residue build-up. How to use: Ensure vehicle is freshly washed, rinsed and surfaces are still wet. Mist the product onto a panel at a time ensuring all-over coverage. Rinse the car with a firm stream of water and watch the paintwork start to dry itself. Any residual drops should be towel dried, or simply jump in and drive it dry.
Clearvue Glass Clean 500ml
Smear free concentrated formula for sparkling clean
Removes road grime, tobacco stains and greasy finger marks
More powerful than household glass cleaners
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