Your Essential Home Organizing Checklist

When it comes to organizing your house, there’s one secret, special rule: One step at a time!

If your house looks messy – or even chaotic – most of the time, then you know you need to figure out a solution. And we know how much you want to put it off! It may seem like a long and winding road, but it’s actually not as bad as it looks – if you know how to do it!

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled your essential home organizing checklist! 8 simple, mini steps that can help you break things up into smaller tasks and tackle clutter in your home!

Use boxes, trays and bowls to tidy up your drawers

Keeping clothes and other objects organized in drawers can be a tricky task! However, it becomes much easier when you use folding cases, or even if you repurpose old trays and bowls, to divide your drawer space into smaller cells of different sizes that fit your stuff. Voila! Your perfectly organized home drawers, looking brand new and so much easier to use!

Check out some awesome storage cases and boxes to get inspired here!

Hang your pots and pans on walls to free up cabinet space

No room for bulky pots and pans in your kitchen cabinets? Don’t panic! An easy way to deal with this issue is to hang your pots and pans on hooks, on an unused wall! There you go!

Extra Tip: You can do the same with your spoons, tongs and spatulas as well!

These functional hooks are just what you need to get the job done!

Create a “Drop Zone” in the house

Time to stop dropping stuff all over the house! Create a special spot for leaving various things during the day and tidy everything up at night. You can add boxes, trays and hooks to make your drop zone as functional as possible!

Create a Donation Box

It’s a given fact: There’s always something in the house that you just don’t need! An old skirt, a pair of unworn shoes, toys you don’t need any more, jars, accessories… The list can be endless!

Well, these items take up space in your house. Plus, they can really make the day of another person you don’t even know! So, a good idea is to establish a Donation Box and drop what you don’t need in there, at any given time. At the end of the month, grab this box, take it to your nearest charity organization and help put a smile on some people’s faces!

These carton boxes are ideal to get started!

Establish a “Clean out the fridge” afternoon every week

Expired or rotten food doesn’t just take up space in the fridge. It can also be the cause of unpleasant smells that you really – we mean, REALLY – want to get rid of! So here’s an idea: Establish a specific afternoon every week, when you will simply check your fridge and remove anything that is expired, rotten or smelling less than fresh. Your fridge will… thank you later!

Tip: Don’t forget to wear your rubber gloves, as things can get really nasty sometimes!

Extra Tip: You can do the same with your kitchen cabinets!

New storage solutions

If you still feel that you need more space, even though you’re now super-organized, don’t worry: There are solutions! Depending on your specific needs, choose the right shelving or drawer. And if you want to be even more organized, we highly recommend a shoe cabinet for your shoes and a very practical jewelry cabinet with mirror!

Label everything (or as much as you can!)

Labels can become quite a tool when it comes to organizing your home! Don’t try to trick yourself into believing that you will remember what you stored in every jar, box or bag in the house. You know you won’t! And even if you remember, the rest of the family won’t.

So here’s the trick: Label everything! From jars, to freezer bags, to storage boxes, to food containers! Simple, cost-effective and practical!

Store your most worn clothes up front

Did you know that on average, we only wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time? So why not make your life easier and keep the ones you wear most often up front, where you can easily reach them?

Extra Tip: If you’re out of closet space, these fabric wardrobes can be really useful!

Organize your recycling

It goes without saying that recycling is vital for our environment! Making your recycling easier will not only benefit our beautiful planet, but it will also help you be more organized at home. Try choosing bins in different colours for plastic, glass and paper and labelling them accordingly!

To sum it up, keeping your home organized isn’t really as difficult as you thought it would be! Feel free to test our Essential Home Organizing Checklist and if it works for you, then share it with friends and family members who could need a “helping hand” in organizing their home too!