The new winter hobby...that will keep you warm!

Cut your own firewood with a chainsaw that is right for you and your needs.

It’s time to admit it. In Cyprus, winter always catches us by surprise.

This year however, we are all a little more prepared to handle the cold months ahead, as we have had to confine ourselves for quite a few months and have therefore learnt how important it is to transform our home into a pleasant and welcoming space that doesn’t just offer warmth and comfort, but also cozy moments and plenty of smiles.

This is exactly why many of us have turned to woodstoves and fireplaces this winter, as affordable and effective heating solutions that also double up as a central meeting point in our homes, bringing the whole family or group of friends closer together, while creating a snug and warm-hearted ambience that everyone can enjoy.

To keep that beautiful ambiance going however, we have to do our part by taking on a new, and for some, slightly unconventional, hobby. Cutting and collecting our very own firewood, with a reliable chainsaw… and plenty of passion for high-spirited outdoor activities!

Chainsaws aren’t difficult or “wild”

Don’t be afraid of them. There are models that are suited to everyone and for every kind of use. Just make sure you are well informed so you can make smart purchases that reflect both your personal needs and skills.

The options are endless

If you are beginners, make sure you choose light-weight, compact models, and if you are professionals, try to select models with minimal vibration levels, so that you can use them all day long without getting too tired. In any case, there is a large range of options for everyone, while models are usually available in petrol, electric and rechargeable battery-operated versions.

Electric chainsaws

If you are looking for an economical and fairly easy tool to cut your firewood in your yard, electric chainsaws may be the best option for you, especially if you don’t have much experience. These models are quite light and easy to use, they are not as loud as petrol chainsaws and their maintenance is usually very straightforward. They need a power outlet to work and the use of a trestle is recommended for better handling and cutting.

Petrol chainsaws

Petrol operated models are heavier and more robust than electric ones, with more power and torque, which means more physical strength is needed during use. They combine high-power with stability and durability which lead to greater freedom of movement and ultimately, very reliable results. These models are excellent for heavy-duty professional activities and tree-cutting, even in hard to access areas.

Rechargeable battery-operated chainsaws

Beginners and lovers of convenience will probably prefer rechargeable battery-operated chainsaws, as they offer greater flexibility and autonomy, while they are quite easy to handle. They do not emit fumes, which makes them more environmentally friendly and are not very loud. However, they are usually less powerful than other models and are not recommended for heavy-duty work.

Every great hobby needs great accessories

It is always worth investing in the right accessories for a smoother and more pleasant wood-cutting experience. A trusty chain sharpener will help you keep your chainsaw in top shape for excellent results every time, easily and safely. A foldable but durable wagon will help  you transfer firewood to your storage shed while a garden trolley will help you bring your wood straight into your home with no trouble or fuss. If you decide to store your firewood outdoors, don’t forget to purchase a good waterproof tarpaulin cover, to protect it from rain and dampness, so it is always ready for action (and ignition).

Additionally, while using any chainsaw, various personal safety accessories are also recommended, such as: