The beach is calling and we must… create a checklist:

What not to forget!

Summertime… and the living is easy! The time has finally come to enjoy that long-awaited holiday and well-deserved rest! Which are the items we should never forget to take with us, if we’re planning to visit the island’s sandy beaches this year?

Umbrella: Check!

Let’s begin with the million-dollar question when it comes to busy beaches: Will you find an available umbrella? When you think about it, the answer to this question is quite easy! Get an affordable, good-quality beach umbrella from Superhome Center, and rest assured that you won’t need to desperately search for a table in an expensive beach bar, just to avoid the hot sun. Problem Solved!

Sun lounge: Check!

Admit it: You’ve reminded yourself a million times that if you don’t go to the beach early in the morning, there’s no way to find a sun lounge! So, invest in an affordable, light and easily transported sun lounge, and just choose your spot on your favourite beach. No fuss!

Folding chair: Check!

If you’d rather be sitting than lying on the beach, then buying a folding chair is your ideal solution! It’s light and easy to transport in your car, along with the rest of your stuff. You just place it where you want to sit, under the sun or under the umbrella, and voila! Just what you need, for a careless day at the beach.

Beach towel: Check!

Not many of us would consider taking two beach towels at the beach, instead of one! The reason to do something like that is simple: Use the first one to dry up as soon as you get out of the sea and spread the other one on the sun lounge or on the golden sand, for a little sunbathing.

Inflatable toys: Check!

If you’re a “Zen” type and you want to let the waves carry you away, then don’t forget to add an inflatable toy on your checklist, for total chillout, while enjoying Mediterranean at its best. 

Cool box: Check!

One thing is for sure: As genuine Cypriots, we can’t leave behind our much-loved cool box! A much-needed accessory if you’re planning to stay at the beach for a long time, as it will keep your snacks, water and beverages cold. Your cool box also helps you stay in budget, as you can avoid unneeded expenses in restaurants, not to mention avoiding that long queue just to get a bottle of water.

Have a nice (and organized) summer everyone!