Summer at home? Stay cool!

Try 4 clever ways to keep your home temperature low… easily and cost-effectively.

Summer heat is often unbearable for everyone and we are constantly searching for new, clever ways to keep cool! So let’s check out 4 simple ways to keep our home temperature low, easily and cost-effectively.

Set your air conditioner temperature higher

No, we’re not kidding. Increase the temperature and stop changing it. The air conditioner has lately become your best friend, but to keep it working effectively and efficiently, you should not reduce its temperature whenever you’re feeling hot. You should adjust its settings to create and maintain a cool and comfortable atmosphere throughout the day. It might be hot as hell outside, but if you set your air conditioner temperature as low as 18°C or even lower, “demanding” immediate results, you’re just wasting energy and forcing your best friend to work overtime, for no reason. That is not a healthy habit, not to mention the harm it does to your air conditioner. Start setting the temperature to 24-25 degrees, so that you can keep a constant temperature in the room, consuming less energy and saving money too.

Place your fan in the right position

If you’re a “fan” of more natural ways to keep cool, you can improve the effectiveness of your fan with only a few smart moves! Just place it facing the window or an open door, to create air flow. This way, it literally “pushes” the hot air outside, keeping the room cool!

Choose air coolers for very hot rooms

Air coolers are independent cooling units which use a process called evaporating cooling to cool your space. If you have a very hot and dry room, then an air cooler is just what you need: a cost-effective cooling system, which also adds humidity to the room. The way it works is actually quite simple! The unit uses a water circulation system to cool the air around it, offering a refreshing breeze.

Adjust the settings of your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans do not provide “chill”, but they create air flow, which makes you feel better and avoid sweating, while the room temperature remains the same. New generation ceiling fans also come with a remote control, that allows you to adjust the “direction” of the air, based on your needs at the time. During summertime, for example, you should adjust your ceiling fan to move anticlockwise, so that it can effectively circulate cold air in the room.