How to host the best garden party of the summer!

Sometimes the best summer moments, are those spent at your house or holiday home, with good company, great food, and refreshing cocktails. Read on to find out how you can host the best Garden Party of the summer, in 3 simple steps, so you and your guests can have a blast and enjoy your garden… at its very best.

Prepare the hosting space

Temperatures rise, the days get longer and your garden… comes to life. Creating the right ambiance is the first and perhaps most important step to hosting a party, and we suggest thinking about it carefully, before inviting people over. This means giving your garden a real make-over, a good clean and careful pruning. Add potted plants, dividers and fences, water everything well and make sure the space is generally… looking fabulous. Create cozy and comfy corners with smart and stylish shading solutions, chairs and sunbeds, swings and modern garden or patio furniture, and don’t forget to make sure the place looks stunning when the sun goes down as well, with elegant but affordable solar lighting.

If you have a pool of course, make sure it is clean and ready for action, as well as fully equipped for hours of fun, with plenty of inflatables that can be enjoyed by guests all ages!

Outdoor cooking at its best

Nobody wants to spend the day in a hot kitchen, when everyone else is outdoors! Besides, food is always the star of the show, and there is nothing better (or tastier) than having your friends crowd around the BBQ and nibble away while you chat. No matter which BBQ you prefer, make sure you have also purchased the right accessories, so you can create and present your outdoor feast like a pro!

Make your life easier

It is important that you make sure you are enjoying yourself as well, so get yourself a few products that are designed to make life, prep and clean-up a whole lot easier. Plastic or paper tableware and airtight food containers for storing leftovers will help you avoid washing plates for hours after the party. Make your own cocktails with shakers and glasses that will help you look like the trendiest mixologist in town, and don’t forget to place stylish cool bars nearby, that keep your drinks cold while also doubling up as outdoor tables as well!

Your house and garden… is your kingdom. They are where you feel more comfortable and can relax, unwind and be yourself without a care in the world. This summer, organize and host a garden party that will create beautiful memories in your favourite space… with your favourite people!

Good luck and have fun!