How to choose your outdoor furniture: 5 basic criteria

How we love those evening chill-outs in the garden or on the veranda during summer… A few good friends, coffee and chit-chat! Do you have the proper outdoor furniture for such moments? If not, we’ve made a list of 5 key criteria that will help you choose your ideal furniture!


It goes without saying that in order to really relax, you need comfortable outdoor furniture. Make sure you try the furniture you like, before purchasing them. Find the ones that have the right height and feel comfortable. Don’t forget to check that the chairs you pick, provide the right support for your body. So visit your nearest Superhome Center, sit comfortably and… choose wisely!


In other words… you wouldn’t want your new outdoor furniture to only last one summer season. So choose furniture that are durable against the hot sun, humidity and wind – especially if you live near the beach. Good to know: stainless steel furniture are amongst the most durable ones. Same goes for aluminum, wood, rattan or wicker, and PVC furniture.

Don’t forget to also get the right covers, to keep your furniture in a good condition for even longer


Before heading to your nearest Superhome Center, make sure you measure your space and calculate the size and shape of the outdoor furniture you’ll need. If you have a limited space, then consider choosing ergonomic furniture, which can be easily stored.

In addition, take time to think about the use of your new furniture. If you’re planning to enjoy your food in your garden or on your veranda, then an outdoor table and a few chairs may be the ideal solution. But if all you want is to chill outdoors, then a sofa set, a garden swing or even a hammock, will create the perfect space!


… the less the better! If you agree, then you should keep in mind that the outdoor furniture that require minimum maintenance are those made of aluminum and plastic.


Last, but not least. After all, even if you find the most durable, comfy and practical outdoor furniture, if they don’t match your taste and exterior design, they’re just not made for you!

Extra tips: Outdoor shading

Once you choose your ideal outdoor furniture, it’s time to choose your outdoor shading, since protecting yourself from the sun is vital for your health.

We recommend adding a large umbrella or a gazebo to keep your space cool, or even an elegant pergola or a contemporary shade sail. Don’t forget to also get the necessary accessories, such as a base and cover for your umbrella.

So… enjoy those relaxing outdoor moments and… have a great summer!