How to choose your above ground pool

If you’re a summer lover, then you definitely love the idea of having a pool in your back yard. And if you don’t have the space or budget for a concrete, in ground pool, then why not an above ground one! Cost-effective, easy to move and easy to install: An above ground pool is your ideal choice. Let’s check some practical advice on how to select your above ground pool and any other equipment you’ll need, to enjoy your new pool all summer long!

Size and shape

Above ground pools come in various sizes, while the most common shapes available in the market are round, oval and rectangular. So you’ll need to decide on the size and shape of your new pool based on your space.

The trick is to make sure you have enough available space around the pool, to be able to move around, to properly clean and maintain your pool. It would also be wise to estimate how many individuals will be using the pool at the same time, so that you can choose the size that will make everyone feel comfortable inside the new pool.

When it comes to shapes, we suggest choosing a round pool if your yard is square-shaped. But if it’s narrow and long, go for a rectangular or an oval one.


The depth of your above ground pool ranges from 66 to 132cm. To choose wisely, you need to consider two important factors. The first one is who will be using the pool. If, for example, it will be used for kids fun, then their safety is your number one priority when choosing the right depth. In this case, you might also want to consider a kids pool as an alternative.

The second factor you should consider is the budget you’re willing to spend for water and chemicals. The deeper the pool, the more water and chemicals you’ll need, and consequently, the bigger the maintenance budget required.

Equipment and accessories

For every above ground pool, there is a necessary equipment and a few accessories that will make the whole experience even more practical and pleasant. So make sure you will get the right ladder to enter and exit your new pool, as well as the necessary pumps and filters for filling and emptying the pool and keeping your water clean. A durable ground cloth can be placed under the pool, to protect it from any damages, while a cover is important for keeping your pool and water clean and protected.

Don’t forget to also get some spare parts and repair items, to tackle those unexpected accidents that might ruin your fun!

Pool maintenance

Proper maintenance is a MUST for keeping your pool’s water clean and sanitized. What you’ll need: A pool chemical test kit, granular chlorines or tablets, pH adjustment products, algaecides, oxy shock products, the right vacuums and brushes, skimmers and a pool rake.

In addition, a pool robot is the ideal option if you want to avoid the dirty work and make pool cleaning much easier!