Garden and gardening

11+1 reasons to visit Superhome Center!

For garden and gardening fans, spring is probably the most beautiful – and the most demanding – season. Pruning, ground control, fertilizing, watering, planting and replanting are only some of the gardening tasks that begin with the beginning of spring. So let’s see which are the 11+1 reasons you should visit Superhome Center for a healthy, fragrant and graceful garden!

1. Garden tools/care

... in other words, the basics! Discover a huge variety of garden hand tools, such as shovels, scissors, garden forks, axes and more, sprayers, composters, outdoor bins, coverings, garden thermometres, watering cans and all-purpose buckets at Superhome Center!

2. Garden power tools

Though traditional hand tools are great for some tasks, the more demanding the task, the more imperative is the need for some garden power tools. What do we mean by that? Chainsaws, blowers, high pressure cleaners, cutting stands, safety face masks, brush trimmers and other power tools, accessories and lawn mowers you may need!

3. Irrigation

There can be no garden without watering. At Superhome Center, you can find… more than just the basics! So, in addition to hoses and water guns, you will find a wide range of hose reels, hose end and repair attachments, as well as irrigation systems, because automation makes life easier!

4. Soil products

A wise gardener gets the right soil and the right fertilizer for his/her own plants! Whether you need universal soil and fertilizer, or more specialized products for specific flowers and vegetables, or even soil improvement products, find them all at Superhome Center!

5. Seeds and bulbs

Now let’s move on to more… pleasant garden tasks! What are you going to plant this year? Vegetables, flowers or both? The choices are endless when it comes to seeds and bulbs! You just have to estimate how much space you have in your garden, pick your favourite ones and… enjoy planting!

6. Pots and planters

If you want to bring the beauty of nature on your veranda or in your home, all you need to do is pick the pots and planters you like – in the colour you like, the size that suits your space and the material you prefer!

7. Garden decor

The right garden décor will bring out the beauty of your garden! Choose amongst a large variety of fencing and garden edges, solar lights, deck tiles, garden furniture, planting accessories and other decoratives!

8. Garden storage

Have you thought about finding a storing solution for your tools, accessories and other gardening supplies after you’re done with the day’s gardening tasks? We’ve got you covered: All you need is a large garden shed and a practical cushion or deck box, to keep all your equipment tidy and safe from weather conditions and other potential risks.

9. Garden accessories

... because details matter! Make sure you have garden gloves, twist tie wires, zip ties, green houses and cleaning accessories. This year, you will have every little thing you need for your gardening tasks!

10. Insecticides & Animal repellents

We all love animals. That’s a given. However, it’s better to keep some animals and birds away from your garden, as they may destroy the plants you’ve worked so hard to raise. How? With some animal and bird repellents you will find at Superhome Center. Don’t forget to also get some insecticides or electric insect killers, because these little, unwanted visitors can cause irreversible damage to your garden!

11. Water pumps

Yes. At Superhome Center, you can find the water pump you need – whether it’s a clean water pump, a dirty water pump or a water pressure pump.

12. Olive collection

Last but not least… for olive collection, look no further! Find  your olive harvesters, nets, buckets and other olive collection accessories on Superhome Center website or in Superhome Center stores!