Your first #musthave purchases for your first home.

The time has come at last, to enjoy student life at its best, in your very own home! Make it yours from day one, exactly as you always imagined it, with smart purchases and careful organizational skills that will help you enjoy your space to the max, proudly welcoming friends throughout your studies. Go through our tips and suggestions below… and make your way to Superhome Center! Besides, where else would you find everything you need with just one visit?

The first step is choosing the home appliances that you will be needing on an everyday basis. Think carefully about your needs and stock up on all necessities, even before moving in, such as: fridge, convection oven, microwave, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and basic small appliances such as your kettle and toaster, which will be the first things you’ll be reaching for every morning.

Your living room will become a sacred space for you. It’s where you’ll be spending most of your time, partying, watching movies, chilling with friends and discussing the next group project. These moments will become your most precious memories and your first living room will be their protagonist for the rest of your life! Make sure you are as comfortable as ever in this space, by choosing corner sofas that fit all your friends (in colour schemes that suits you best), coffee table and a television with a tv unit in the dimensions and specs you’ve always wanted. Fulfill simple and minimal needs, and remember the more you overcrowd your space, the more time you’ll need to clean it.

You’ll also be spending plenty of time in your dedicated study area, so don’t forget to put your personal touches in the space as well. Choose a desk that covers all your needs as well as a good office chair. Put some shelving up for your (many) books and get yourself a sturdy bookcase to complete that all-important student-life look.

You’ve been dreaming of designing your very own bedroom in your very own home, since you were a child and now is the time! Equip your most personal space with a single or double bed (because you will be needing as much quality sleep as you can get), a practical bedside table, a good mattress and a super comfortable pillow.

(EXTRA TIP): For that extra stylish aesthetic, just add a couple of decorative pillowsframed photos with friends and family and small shelves to display your favourite items.

The bathroom is yet another room you need to prepare from very early on. Choosing items for this space isn’t a complicated matter as you can make a solid design statement by simply choosing a cool shower curtain, an ultra absorbent bath mat, 2-3 towels, a bathroom mirror and cabinet to store your everyday necessities… in style.

Add your own touches wherever you can

Make your house or flat feel like a home by adding your own personal touches every chance you get:

  • Paint walls and furniture in colours that suit your personality
  • Decorate your space with posters and canvases
  • If you have a small space, place a mirror on the wall to create the illusion of a larger space (and check your outfit out before heading off)
  • Clever storage solutions are the secret to every tidy home. Use storage boxes of all kinds to organize yourself and never worry about clutter again.
  • Remember to think about your everyday needs when designing each space. An open layout in the living room is great for groups of friends, a cozy private space will help you focus in your study are and clever colour combos and accessories will give it that tailored look which creatively expresses exactly who you are.

Have a great start to the new uni-year and good luck!