Create the perfect Christmas tree

Tips & tricks to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And it’s about to get even more wonderful with a magical Christmas tree turning your favourite living room corner into a winter wonderland!

Whether you can close your eyes and picture your perfect Christmas tree, or you need a little more inspiration to get there, this article will help you sort everything out and get organized for the ultimate Christmas home decoration sessions!

So, let us begin and… deck the halls!

Choosing the right Christmas tree

Height and width

Obviously, your first and main concern when you buy your Christmas tree is the height. Make sure you measure the room before heading to your nearest Superhome Center store! Experts say that you need to have a clearance of at least 15 centimeters between your ceiling and the tip of your tree – including the star. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the width should be neglected, since your new tree has to actually fit in the corner you have chosen for it!

Tip count

The more tips, the fuller your tree will look! Of course, tip count isn’t the sole factor that defines how full your tree will look, but it does play an important role, so make sure you decide according to your expectations.

Tree type

A classic green tree, a green frosted one, or a white one? Should it be pre-lit or will you add the lights you prefer? Should you also consider a slim or a half tree as an alternative option if your space is limited? The choices are endless… But it’s only up to you to decide!

Spreading out the branches

… or the “boring part” for Christmas decoration fans! Though quite time consuming, this part of the procedure is crucial for your Christmas tree’s final look! So, start from the bottom and make sure you spread out the branches evenly. To create a more natural look, fan out the tips in different directions, filling all the gaps.

Extra tip: Don’t hesitate to take a step back after arranging your branches, to check the balance and the whole look before moving on to the fun part!


Before you start adding the lights, remember to check that they’re working properly, and that you have enough lights to wrap around the whole tree. Experts say that you need around 100 bulbs (5 meters) per 60 centimeters of tree.

Again, start from the bottom and work your way up, wrapping the lights evenly around the branches. Try placing the lights as close to the trunk as you can, to illuminate your Christmas tree from the inside out, giving it a more dynamic look.

Extra tip: There are a lot of types to choose from when it comes to Christmas tree lights. Experts suggest that you choose the colour and type of lights that matches with your Christmas tree.

Adding your baubles and decorations

Yes… the fun part! But you still need to be a bit organized for this one as well.

So, start with your core baubles – the ones in your main colour – to create the base for your decorations. Then, layer your other, festively coloured baubles evenly throughout your tree. Make sure you hang some of your largest ones closer to the trunk, to create depth. Any extra special decorations? Now is the time to spread them out amongst the branches, while you cheerfully sing your favourite Christmas tunes!

Last but not least, the final touches! Your star or angel on top, a tree skirt to gracefully cover the base, and some pretty presents underneath. The magic of Christmas in your home… Just perfect!

You can now grab your Christmas mug, filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows, chill on your sofa, gaze at your perfectly decorated Christmas tree and let the Christmas spirit ring… What a joy!