Back To School with Comfort and Style

4 tips to help your children get super organized and creative when studying!

While we all get back to everyday life, grown-ups go back to the office and children return triumphantly to school. To help them ease them back into their routine, it’s time to get creative and find new ways to give our young ones the comfort essentials they need to focus on their homework and feel more productive in their own space. 

1. A desk and a chair that’s just right

If you want your little ones to grow up with a love for learning, you have to make sure they are super comfortable when they do their homework. This means getting them a smart and practical desk that suits their needs and their personal sense of style. Keep in mind the height, size and colour that is just right for them. 

The same goes when selecting their chair, which should help support their posture because, children already spend enough time seated in the classroom, it is important to give them a little extra comfort at home.

2. Indian themed reading corner!

A native look and feel to your children’s room might be just what it needs! Choose a decorative tepee that lights up beautifully and helps you make gorgeous little corners. Complete the look with a nice carpet or soft foam puzzle mats so they can relax comfortable on a soft floor surrounded by fluffy pillows. A super comfy pouf and other cute but durable children’s furniture items can be dotted around the area as well, so they can sit with friends and work on a group project or other activities. 

3. A ‘mini’ office space anywhere in the house

It’s happened to everyone. You create the perfect study space in their room, and they still prefer sitting on the kitchen counter or the in the living room to do their homework. It’s ok. Work around it. Use the space they enjoy best to make their own mini office space. Place a small table and a couple of wooden chairs in the corners they or rooms they seem to prefer. Hang a whiteboard with some markers on the wall, or paint a wall with some chalk paint and there you have it. Their new ‘alternative’ homework space, is ready. 

4. Calling all bookworms

Teaching our children the importance of books is one of the best things we can do for them. However, to love them, is to know how to organize them. That’s why no children’s study area is complete without a sturdy bookcase. And if you don’t believe us, just wait a few weeks and watch the books, notes and pads pile up around the room. Give them a decluttering solution beforehand so they can focus and study in peace without distractions.

**Extra tip: Place colourful tags on the bookcase to divide it into categories, according to school subject