Back to school & back to work essentials

Time to get SUPER organized!

After some much-needed summer holidays, we are confident you are feeling recharged, refreshed and ready to welcome September with a renewed sense of energy. These upcoming weeks, mark a new beginning for most of us, so now is the time to think about suitably equipping our home, study area and office, with everything we need for a SUPER productive return to our routine.

Office chairs

Inspiration comes with comfort, so make sure you select an office chair that suits your needs perfectly for work, meetings and conferences as well as your children’s bedroom or study space.  Make sure you choose a design that supports your posture, offers adjustable functionality and blends into the aesthetics of your space harmoniously.

Desks and work spaces

Keep your study or work space tidy with office desks that provide ample space when needed, or practical compact design for small areas. If you need additional storage space, choose designs with extra drawers or cabinets.

Computer accessories

Upgrade your hardware and stay ahead with new computer accessories that will help you work quickly and efficiently. Visit our stores and find great offers on digital accessories, printers, routers, fast multi-device chargers and much more.

Bookcases and shelving units

Shelving is more important than we think! You will know it when you start seeing books and files piling up in corners of your work area. Avoid the mess so you can focus on what needs to be done with sturdy bookcases and units that will help you keep things tidy so you can focus, while everything you need is still within easy reach.


Buying stationery is an enjoyable September ritual for all. Visit us and stock up on box files, notebooks, general necessities and office must-haves like laminators and shredders to make your life easier…. with great supplies at great prices!

We wish you all a SUPER return to the office, university or school, with plenty of creativity and positivity… all year long.